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Massage Services


Massage Pricing


Signature Massage


Massage increases circulation & induces a natural relaxation,  while still working deeper into the muscles to help relieve sciatic pain, low back pain, headaches, and deep seated soreness..


30 minute back & neck = $35

60 minute full body = $65

90 minute full body = $95


Add hot stones to any massage = $15

Add hand parafin dip to any massage = $15

Add foot parafin dip to any massage = $15


Facial/Scalp Massage


As an add-on or stand alone service, release tension in the facial muscles with a calming facial and scalp massage.  This relaxing massage eases eye strain, improves circulation to the face and head, relieves sinus pressure and aids in reducing headaches.


30 minutes = $35


Soothe Your Sole


Rejuvenate tired, sore feet with this ultimate in relaxation.  Hot damp towels, exfoliating salt scrubs, hydrating mud, extended massage, and essential oils are all used to revive, relax, and rejuvenate your feet.